Debate and background on


imagePhilip Campbell (Nature, UK) gives a starting point for the debate on social implications of nanotechnology
Nanotech, uncertainty and the publics (June 2003)

Douglas Parr (Greenpeace, UK) on
nanotech, funding and science policy (Nov 2003)

Philippe Busquin (EU) about
his services' activities and interest in nanotechnology (Feb 2004)

Fiona Fox (Science Media Centre, UK) on
communicating nanotechnology - a guideline for scientists (Mar 2004)

Alfred Nordmann (University of Darmstadt, Germany) regards
nanotech as a diversity of technologies (Apr 2004)

We want to discuss in four sessions

Nanotech and Size
"There is plenty of room at the bottom"
Nanotech and Man
"Where nanotech hits the human body"
Nanotech and Culture
"How nanotech changes our mind"
Nanotech and Power
"Who are the winners?"

The debate is organised by Tobias Beck and Martin Schäfer.



Invited for a contribution to the debate, or for adding own features are:

Gabriel Aeppli, UCL, UK
Philippe Busquin, EU
Philip Campbell, Nature, UK
ees Dekker, Delft University, Netherlands
Fiona Fox, Science Media Centre, London, UK
Wolfgang Heckl, University of Munich, Germany
Heinrich Kurz, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Justin Molloy, York University, UK

Alfred Nordmann, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Douglas Parr, Greenpeace, UK
Yves Petroff, France
Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Strasbourg University, France
Renzo Tomellini,
Mark Welland, Cambridge University, UK

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